30 November 2011

Worrying About The Past

rain fell slowly,
but shady and thinly
scatter the scent of dust and grass
they were burned by the sun

past came rushing
creates anxiety
brings an intense anxiety, like a black cloud
and the moments gone

the rain had stopped
fine grain of water from the skies have been broken by the wind blown

past will never return,
and I do not have to worry about it

Selasar Al-Furqan, October 26 2008

Moments That I Wanted

I just want those moments ...
during the afternoon, when the wind is blowing your body, waiting for me at the end of the door
when the weather catch your body gesture, which merrily in front of me
when the night was almost shut our rendezvous, full of laughter

I just want those moments ...
every day,
replace the tired souls, who see you sad
exchange any hatred, which you gave and made ​​me suspicious

I just want those moments ...
when happiness remove anxiety, remove fears
and buried the suspicion

I just want those moments ...
that might never come every you say 'maybe someday'

We Must Forget Each Other

calculates the story
this is the best time to split up

close your eyes
express all the feelings

not every wish can come true
but we must be assured of getting the best

let the sun go down
do not worry about the past
let the night held me

see the stars in the expanse of darkness
create a feeling of tranquility
pain do not exist, create peace

slowly, feel the cold winds blow
we must forget each other

29 November 2011


there is a stopover on my eyelid
every day, after dew visiting
before the light through the cracks of trees

someone had wiped the tears from my eyes
after drought over
in dry fields

Is that you?

I sank into an unreal story
created from the deepest depths of my desire
overflowing with blue waves
fell in rain droplets

I crouched in the sense of comfort for centuries
I enjoy the feeling of happiness that you send me one by one
through gaps in the soil
in lush notes of the day

I'm happy, but this is only a dream

now I'm blind and unable to capture more light
: fluorescent light from your sun face

there is something out because of time
there are words that stabbed by silence
also the sun that turned into a blue

poems damaged by a sharp knife
into small pieces on top of mind

and this time
the clouds forming your face line
night brooding souls that sunk
on the sloping dream hill
shadow created as a ghost

someone secretly await
disposed in the gap space
in the burned forests

and in the limit of the sad


26 November 2011


Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When you do not like the first, as phosphorescent stars in my black sky.

I'll leave every inch of your heart that never revealed in one definition. Our hearts are secretly buried in a rate that beats seconds. Our hearts are stuck by the rules. By the shallow minds of the people. In fact, our hearts may be scared when we challenged the sun.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When your body has always longed clearly in my sight. When no longer wish and prayer to be able to embrace you. When I looked at the pictures in the shale memories that will stick forever.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When we laugh together without suspicion and questions. The happiness that we've been through it will trickle in as pure as the morning dew. Without desire, without any ambition to have, without pretension, and without the willingness to hurt each other.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When no pulse beat of the melody. The euphoria that comes every time I looked at the sharpness of your eyes. When we silently looked at each other and trace every curve of the history of our past in various ways. When I found you in the various palaces which often save you as the owner.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When will I stop waiting for a reply. When I stopped hoping for embroidering the sun with you. When our hearts have turned to another pier.

Hopefully the time will arrive soon. When the morning brought us together. When twilight divide us. When I caught your eyes twinkle like a simple light. When hope is no longer rebellious and bobbing.

And then, I'll stop hoarding longing.

18 November 2011

The Rain Has Gone

I heard muffled chatter tonight
about life that written in the wrinkles of a mother
survived voice rises on the horizon warm conversation
want to make sure that it is you
which always came with the glow of excitement
although it fell below the twisted rain

I want to go to your cold world
embrace you with warmth universe
buds grow in your stubborness
lit a candle in your frozen heart

I want to keep the story on your lips

I awoke from a dream
your voice become real
however, in all the emptyness, you were not there
you've gone
the rain has gone

Making Out with The Wind

singin in the rain falling pieces
wind tease
he touches the skin so it appeared all over his desire to taste

aren't you planting the roots of jealousy?
entrenched as a parasite
grow toward the sky filled with longing revenge

wind makes me shiver
fracturing flowers dance in the park
and remove the hatred restless under the drops of blood

would you still survive?
behold, I will be making out with the wind
flooding along the hallucinatory dreams about the season
burn yourself in the turbulence of conscience

admit when you're reaping the jealous
then return to me
because the wind was unable to quench thirst in the desert of love