29 November 2011


there is a stopover on my eyelid
every day, after dew visiting
before the light through the cracks of trees

someone had wiped the tears from my eyes
after drought over
in dry fields

Is that you?

I sank into an unreal story
created from the deepest depths of my desire
overflowing with blue waves
fell in rain droplets

I crouched in the sense of comfort for centuries
I enjoy the feeling of happiness that you send me one by one
through gaps in the soil
in lush notes of the day

I'm happy, but this is only a dream

now I'm blind and unable to capture more light
: fluorescent light from your sun face

there is something out because of time
there are words that stabbed by silence
also the sun that turned into a blue

poems damaged by a sharp knife
into small pieces on top of mind

and this time
the clouds forming your face line
night brooding souls that sunk
on the sloping dream hill
shadow created as a ghost

someone secretly await
disposed in the gap space
in the burned forests

and in the limit of the sad


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