26 November 2011


Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When you do not like the first, as phosphorescent stars in my black sky.

I'll leave every inch of your heart that never revealed in one definition. Our hearts are secretly buried in a rate that beats seconds. Our hearts are stuck by the rules. By the shallow minds of the people. In fact, our hearts may be scared when we challenged the sun.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When your body has always longed clearly in my sight. When no longer wish and prayer to be able to embrace you. When I looked at the pictures in the shale memories that will stick forever.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When we laugh together without suspicion and questions. The happiness that we've been through it will trickle in as pure as the morning dew. Without desire, without any ambition to have, without pretension, and without the willingness to hurt each other.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When no pulse beat of the melody. The euphoria that comes every time I looked at the sharpness of your eyes. When we silently looked at each other and trace every curve of the history of our past in various ways. When I found you in the various palaces which often save you as the owner.

Perhaps the time will arrive soon. When will I stop waiting for a reply. When I stopped hoping for embroidering the sun with you. When our hearts have turned to another pier.

Hopefully the time will arrive soon. When the morning brought us together. When twilight divide us. When I caught your eyes twinkle like a simple light. When hope is no longer rebellious and bobbing.

And then, I'll stop hoarding longing.

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